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Thought for the Day #54

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Get the facts and know the stats!” is what a former mentor used to tell us all the time when there was an issue we needed to resolve.  What he meant was be curious, don’t assume, and get the facts before rushing to judgement. 

During my two-hour commute to and from work I often encounter drivers who used to get under my skin like driving in the fast lane and not passing cars and holding up traffic.  Or drivers who get in the right lane to pass a few cars and then cut over to the left lane just to jump the line by a few cars.  I used to assume these drivers are just jerks who don’t understand the rules of driving.  I used to tailgate the car in front of me so the cars trying to pass in the right lane couldn’t get over.  I did this because I thought I was teaching them a lesson by making them wait their turn in traffic.  Well I was assuming they are bad drivers, well the other day as we were driving on the highway there was a car flying in and out of lanes passing one car after another and barely missing car after car.  Well traffic started to slow down and finally came to a dead stop and we were stuck for a good 30 minutes, and this car was probably 10 or so cars in front of me.  I thought to myself as I was sitting in traffic, was it worth for this car to be flying in and out lanes?  They could have easily caused another accident.  What a jerk this person was being by driving recklessly.  Well after about 30 minutes of us sitting in the car and not moving, a flight for life helicopter took off, and then my mind started to wonder, was this person in a hurry because they just received bad news?  Could they have been a family member trying to get to the scene of the accident?  Did they have a real emergency they needed to get to?  Did they themselves have to get to the hospital? 

All of this doesn’t excuse the bad driving, but I was assuming they were just being a horrible driver.  We don’t know what people are going through and we should not assume anything without knowing. What is the point of all this?  Remain curious and get the facts and know the stats before rushing to judgement.

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