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From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The picture below is such a great visual I wanted to include this morning. We are leaders in some aspect or our lives whether we want to be or not and whether we realize it or not. As a leader it is not your job to puff out your chest and make sure everyone knows you are in charge or that you are the one who makes sure things are done. Your job as a leader is to protect those you lead, the lift those who are falling behind, to help those that are weak, to protect those for whom it is necessary.  If your ‘pack’ is making it through then you are in fact leading. We often want to be in the limelight, we want the direct recognition it is hard to remember that when you lead you often do not get the direct recognition. If you are doing it right then no one even realizes you are directing the symphony.

In our lives we are all in a different place in the ‘pack’ in different areas of our lives, personally and professionally, but when you lead remember that it happens from behind where you can observe and where your pack will never see the attacks you fend off so that they can feel safe knowing you’ve got their backs.

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