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Thought for the Day

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I am often reflecting on my life, it has it’s ups and downs for sure but one thing that has always been true is that I have conquered all of my ‘worst’ days. To date; there has not been a single one that I did not recover from. The same is true for all of us. I came across this the other day and thought to myself how vividly it represents my current situation. Each line spoke softly, no louder than a whisper, to my soul. I hope each of hears at least one line of this and can see a way to add value to your life and to your self.

If you inherently long for something, become it first.

If you want gardens, become a gardener.

If you want love, embody love.

If you want mental stimulation, change the conversation. If you want peace, exude calmness.

If you want to fill you world with artists, begin to pain.

If you want to live ecstatically, find the ecstasy within yourself.

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