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From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This was a week of unique life experiences for me. Even though sometimes life does not go as we wished it would, sometimes we feel like things are unfair or undeserving, sometimes, … But none of this really matters and none of it is within our ability to control. It is what we do with all of the experiences in life that matters. Do we choose to let it strengthen us or do we let it rip us apart? Do we help others because of what we have gone through or do we get bitter and isolate ourselves from others in need? Do we find the joy in everything or do we wallow in our own self-created misery?

I have chosen to grow from it and have gratitude for every experience, “good” and “bad”, that I am given because it allows me to be my best self and allows me to help others in a more honest and genuine manner.

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