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Warding Off Vampire Thoughts

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Don’t believe in vampires? Maybe you should. Not the vampires we see in the movies but the life draining thoughts, patterns, habits we unconsciously carry with us every day. “I can’t help it,” “It isn’t my fault,” “This is too hard,” “I’ll never get this,” “They can do it and I can’t because they (fill in the blank reason).”

As in the movies, these vampire thoughts can take away our life essence – the spirit within each of us that makes us unique, that gives us joy, that makes us human. What is the “garlic” that wards off these vampire thoughts and beliefs? Core Values, Intention, Focus, and the understanding that nobody and no thought or habit, or “group think” has power over us unless we give those things power over us. Each of us faces choices every day. Financial choices, relationship choices, health choices, job choices, and so on. Many of the choices we make today will impact the quality of our or someone else’s lives today and in the future. If we FOCUS on what we want, what will elevate our spirit, what will serve us well today and tomorrow rather than let those vampire thoughts and beliefs drain our energy and spirit, and if we are INTENTIONAL in our actions to get what we are focused on, then we can banish those vampires and own our own lives. 

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