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We Choose How Our Days Go!

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Create Your Day

This weekend I had a moment where, for whatever reason, I was focusing on all the things in life that did not meet my definition of perfect. The more I focused on them, the more I noticed and the more upset I became. After about 5 minutes of this I started to feel angry and not looking forward to the day ahead. So, I took the dogs for a walk and half way through the walk noticed how beautiful it was outside, instead of noticing how cold it was. A smile broke across my face and I decided to think of some of the good things in my life and before I knew it, I was smiling even more. Once the smile was present I started to walk a little quicker and started to think of thing after thing, person after person, blessing after blessing in my life and was filled with anticipation for a great day. The day just got better and better, more and more productive, and I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

What we focus on grows in big and small ways. When I focused on the few things that were not perfect, more things became worse than they were. Had I stayed on this course, I imagine that the day would not have ended with a smile. When I focused on what was good, more good things were noticed and my day was amazing.

We chose how our days go. Today I am focusing on the amazing and watching that grow into something even bigger than I could have imagined.

This message written by Dr. Anderson.

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