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What is your emotional home?

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Are you generally happy, sad, confused, angry, frustrated, hopeful??? If you are generally a certain emotion, I call this your emotional home. Our emotional homes will dictate how we see our worlds and how we interact with our worlds. So, my question is, where is your emotional home? Where is your baseline?

Most of us will say our emotional home is that of being happy or hopeful or something else positive. My question for you is, “Are you accurate in your assessment?” To know where your emotional home is, ask yourself what your mood was on the dreadful day when the Space Shuttle Challenger had its horrific accident (if you were not alive during this event perhaps think of another tragedy, like 9/11). Most of us did not have a relative who was hurt during this event, and so it serves as a marker for us to know where we live emotionally since there is not a direct personal tie to the event. All of us had multiple different emotions on that day and the years that have followed when we think about the Space Shuttle Challenger accident. But, I am going to ask you to consider what your predominant emotion was.

If you predominantly responded in anger, then your emotional home is likely that of anger. I was sad while at the same time wanting to be helpful. So, my emotional home is that of being sad while wanting to make a difference for someone else.

What is your emotional home? And more importantly, is that emotional home where you want to live, how you want to see the world, and how you want to interact with the world around you?

I have decided that being sad is not what I want my baseline to be, because it does not serve anything positively. But I do want to be helpful in every area I can. So, I am changing my physiology, my language, and what I focus on when I am sad, so that I can have a more productive emotion, and so that I am not changing the drive to serve others.

The point is to:

  1. Know what your emotional home and tendencies are and then;
  2. Decide if a little house cleaning is in order.

This is your life – make it a great one!

This message written by Dr. Reagan Anderson

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