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What Kind of Message Are You Spreading?

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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A lot of my Create Your Day messages have been about goals and I credit my upbringing for the reason I am so goal driven. Part of it is just my DNA and who I am, but reflecting back on my upbringing I had a good balance of praise and criticism. My mother was the one who only saw how great my sister and I were, and my father was the one who constantly saw what could be done better and to look forward to the next opportunity to improve. As I have said in past messages sports were a big part of my upbringing and if I had a bad game I knew I would hear about it from my father and I knew my mom would be proud of me no matter what. And if I had a great game I knew my mom would be proud of me and my father would have something to say on what I could have done better.

I recently spoke to both my parents about this and thanked them and told them I would not be the person I am today and expressed my loving gratitude for all they did for me. The response I received from my mother is what I expected, nothing but love, praise and positivity. What I received from my father was not what I expected. He too had nothing but love, praise and positivity and a message to pay it forward.

After hearing this from both my parents I of course reflected on every word, and looking back on who I am I try my best to be loving, spread praise, and be positive. Most days I get it right and some days I don’t, however I want to live in a world where things are great, loving and positive. 

I close with what kind of world do you want to live in and what kind of message are you spreading and how are you influencing those around you?

Have a great weekend!

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