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What You Focus on Grows

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Create Your Day

Everyday there will be situations that, if we allow them, will derail us from living the day on our terms. And, everyday there will be little miracles that if we focus on them, they will help us live a life of gratitude and contentment.  

Take just a moment and think about all the miracles of your day just so far: food, shelter, health, love, clothes, safety, roads, cars, phones… chances are that the good outweighs the bad many times over. But for some reason we tend to look past all the miracles and focus on the one or two things that are not our current definition of “perfect.” Anxiety is a killer and if we allow our imaginations to run wild, they will turn what could have been a beautiful day into an anxiety filled mess. 

I have noticed that the cure to anxiety, loneliness and sadness is simply to be grateful each and every day for the big and little things in our lives. If we focus on all the little miracles in our lives I bet we will start enjoying our days a whole lot more. Remember, what you focus on grows. And I for one want gratitude to grow in my life instead of all the other noise, because when I am filled with gratitude I am in a space where I can help others and have the energy to change the world.

This message written by Dr. Anderson.

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