Meet Dr. Anderson & Cosmetic Patient

Video Transcript: Doctors of Osteopathic medicine are trained to pay attention to the patient as a whole, not to just treat the symptoms. We are trained to actually find the root cause and see if we can address that. This practice has two philosophies; one is to treat everybody as a person, not a disease. Two, to have customer care and customer service better than anyone has experienced anywhere. Whether you are having a big cancer removed off of your forehead, whether you are having botox injected to get the wrinkles off the sides of your face, it doesn’t matter. Everybody is treated the same, everybody is given a relaxed, peaceful environment, everybody is treated like a person, and everybody is going to receive unbelievable, unsurpassed customer care from us.
“It starts on the inside, so we want people to understand that they are beautiful, with or without any of these procedures, but if they do have problematic skin, we can help them make their skin look better, and they will feel better inside. We do an array of facials for men, women and teens. We also do botox and we do wrinkle fillers, such as restilin, juvaderm, radiesse.” – Lory, Paramedical Aesthetician The cosmetic side of the house is just as important as the medical surgical side of the house. The goal is to be able provide people with complete care. All of the injections are done by myself, personally. Also whether that is botox, fillers, a board certified dermatologist is performing those. We are trying to create a cosmetic side of the house that is safe, that is efficacious. It is part of the holistic services we offer here.
The advantages to having a board certified dermatologist who’s been trained in cosmetic procedures are enormous. It is four years specifically in dermatology training, facial anatomy, and the art of being able to help someone look natural and look like they had a wonderful night’s sleep, and maybe shave 10 years off of their face.
“I try very hard to take good care of myself, but I think we all know that the aging process itself just has aspects to it which no matter how hard you try to eat well and exercise well, you just can’t counter all of them. So I was looking for a way that I could look my very best. I believe that I looked older than I felt. I feel very young, and I want to look the way I feel. It makes me feel like I am coming to a place where I am comfortable with people that I can trust and that I like. I just came back from a visit with people I have known, both family and friends, who I have known for decades, and I got so many spontaneous compliments about the way I look. So, I am going to be a repeat here. It feels fabulous. I love it, I really do. I think taking that first step, and making that call, or maybe going online and finding out what the services are, and moving forward is going to be a positive experience.”  –Connie, Patient
From a medical, surgical, cosmetic point of view, I would like to help my patients get to that point where nothing is hindering them with their skin, hair, and nails from being all that they can be. The Colorado Dermatology Institute, the heart of us, is our staff. It’s a staff that cares. It’s a staff that is there to treat the patients. It’s a staff that their primary goal is to help you become comfortable in your skin. I think every patient will realize that when they walk in the door. From the moment you step in, to the moment you step out, everyone is there to help you. Be smart about sun protection. The other thing that’s really important is, all women are supposed to do monthly breast exams, all men are supposed to do monthly testicular exams. Spend an extra 30 to 60 seconds a month just looking at their bodies. If people notice something that’s changing, something that is not healing, something that just doesn’t look right, they need to seek care because it is so much easier to take care of things when they’re small then when they’re big. That is so very, very, important in medicine to be able to help somebody to feel their best; help someone to feel cared for, help someone to be comfortable in their skin. We have to earn the respect of our patients, every day, every step.