Wrinkles (Rhytides)

Our skin changes as we age. With time, aging skin develops wrinkles, lines and furrows. There are several factors that determine the age at which wrinkles first appear, their location, and their prominence. These include the following:
  • Age. The older a person, the more likely he or she is to have wrinkles. Some people start developing wrinkles as early as their twenties, particularly if they have spent their teenage years in a sunny location without using sunscreen and other sun protection measures.
  • Family history. A person’s skin type is inherited. This means that a parent whose skin was prone to wrinkles at an early age can pass that trait onto their children.
  • Environmental Factors. There are several external factors that can cause age to wrinkle at an earlier age. Most important of these is smoking and exposure to UV radiation from sunlight or indoor tanning booths.
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