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Going from “I’m sorry” to “thank you!”

Lately, I have been trying to replace my “I’m sorry!” with “Thank you!” Like instead of “Sorry I am late!” I’ll say “Thanks for waiting for me!” or instead of saying “Sorry for being such a mess!” I will say “Thank you for caring about me unconditionally and being there for me!”

It has not only shifted the way I think and feel about myself, but also improved my relationship with others who now get to receive my gratitude instead of my negativity. When a person says, “I’m sorry!” the underlying statement is that you will do your best to never do that thing again, and in life, a lot of what I apologize for IS going to happen again. By replacing the “I’m sorry” with a “thank you” I am allowing myself to acknowledge that it happened and that it will happen again, but also allows me to express the gratitude I have for the understanding that person gives me. This is not to say you should never apologize, you should when it’s necessary, and it is not allowing myself to do things over and over without regard for who it affects and how it affects them.

Have a great day!