Irritated Skin

Video Transcript:

Here’s another daily tip from your local dermatologist.

A lot of times people come in and say they have dry skin on their nose, especially right here, and here, or on their eyebrows, and that’s usually not the case, unless you’re taking medications that make those areas dry. Because let’s think about it, our noses and our foreheads they tend to be oily. So it’s not likely they’re dry on their own. But what is likely, is that you have an overgrowth of a type of yeast, and that yeast loves moist oily areas. That’s called seborrheic dermatitis.

So there’s some over-the-counter medications that you can use to try to reduce that.One is just simply Nizoral shampoo, and they make an over-the-counter version. And if you have these kind of red scaly areas here and here, you can try it.You put it on, you leave it on for about a minute, you rinse it off completely, and if that works, great, you’re on the right track, and if not, contact your local dermatologist because we have lots of other tricks.

Dr. Reagan Anderson is a local dermatologist from Colorado Springs.