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Keep Your Skin Glowing and Healthy This Spring!

Skin conditions can fluctuate season-to-season. Sun exposure, temperature and humidity all contribute to the varying quality of our skin. In Colorado, generally beautiful weather promotes outside activity, and the abundant sunshine we enjoy here means that our skin needs to be protected from sun damage year-round. Should you change your skin care regimen from season to season? Colorado Dermatology Institute’s Dr. Reagan Anderson says “Absolutely. It’s important to protect your skin from sun damage even in Spring’s mild weather.”

Here are a few of his expert tips on how to keep your skin healthy and healthy this spring:

Choose the Right Skin Cleanser

Dry skin typically comes with the change of weather and less moisture, so you’ll want to use a cream-based cleanser with Glycerin to create an additional barrier of moisturizer.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

We encourage our patients to use a quality moisturizer and when going outdoors, always use a sun block which contains Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide (or both) with a minimum SPF 30. This is a great way to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Apply Lip Balm Regularly

Continuing to protect the delicate skin on your lips is just as important. Colorado Dermatology Institute recommends using a lip balm containing sunscreen.