Client Stories

Here are some stories from satisfied dermatology patients in Colorado Springs. We strive to give all of our patients results that keep them happy, and coming back.

Medical Dermatology Client Story

“I have a chronic skin disease that went undiagnosed for quite some time. I had been to nine doctors. I had gotten in touch with Dr. Anderson and came in and saw him, and he knew exactly what it was right away. He got me back to the point where I was able to not only work, but start traveling again. I was just so pleased because it was the best level of care I had ever had. I walk in the door, and they know who I am. They say, “Hey Dan, How’s it going?” I got a card from the clinic when I got engaged. It’s just very much a family environment, and a pleasant environment to be in. That, combined with all the care and treatment I get from the staff makes for a nice package. I talk to people and tell them that they need to come see Dr. Anderson. My friends and family, I have told all of them about Colorado Dermatology Institute.”   -Dan, Patient

Surgical Dermatology Client Story

“I found out that I had Basal Cell carcinoma, finding out that I had skin cancer at 25. I am pretty sure I cried in the office, actually, especially when I found out how big it really was and how much of my forehead was going to have to be removed. It seems like every time I come in, dr. Anderson remembers. He remembers the little things too, like where I work, and where I am from, so it’s the personalization of it. If you are going to be cutting into my forehead, I’d like to feel like I am more than just your next paycheck. That made a big difference. I am extremely pleased, honestly. Now, people can’t even tell that I’ve had anything done. He did an amazing job blending it into my forehead. I made the right decision in coming here. Now I tell everybody about Colorado Dermatology Institute, even people who aren’t looking for a dermatologist. Most people knew that I had something there, and then even still, everyone says ‘Oh wow, they did a great job!’ and I am the first one to say ‘yes.’ I am very pleased, really and truly. I worry about being vain, but at the same time, there is a difference between being vain and wanting to feel comfortable in your own skin. Having this huge thing on my forehead wasn’t helping with that. So, I tell everyone. Everyone.” – Christina, Patient

 Cosmetic Dermatology Client Story


“I try very hard to take good care of myself, but I think we all know that the aging process itself just has aspects to it which no matter how hard you try to eat well and exercise well, you just can’t counter all of them. So I was looking for a way that I could look my very best. I believe that I looked older than I felt. I feel very young, and I want to look the way I feel. It makes me feel like I am coming to a place where I am comfortable with people that I can trust and that I like. I just came back from a visit with people I have known, both family and friends, who I have known for decades, and I got so many spontaneous compliments about the way I look. So, I am going to be a repeat here. It feels fabulous. I love it, I really do. I think taking that first step, and making that call, or maybe going online and finding out what the services are, and moving forward is going to be a positive experience.”  –Connie, Patient