Persevering in the Journey

I went to the South location this last weekend and was amazed at how the building is coming together. For months and months it has been a shell that has slowly evolved into the structure that we are about to unveil to the public. What struck me was how all of a sudden it has taken form and is almost complete.

How many things in our lives take months and months to work through – often with no discernible progress? And then, all of a sudden, you start to actually see the changes and other people notice the difference? We all know that that hard fought for change did not happen overnight even though it might appear that way to others.

All of us are at different points in very different journeys. Some battles have been fought and won and others are somewhere in the middle. Take heart that soon those battles that are in the middle will all of a sudden start to take shape, and a beautiful new insight/way of life/reality will emerge. You are worth it!

Thank you for joining me in this journey – I can’t wait to see the “finished product” in us all.

This message was written by Dr. Reagan Anderson, a local dermatologist from Colorado Springs.