Prurigo Nodularis

Video Transcript

Here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist!

Prurigo Nodularis, so prurigo kind of means itch and nodule means a bump, and this is a disorder where people are picking and scratching at their skin. And because they’re picking and scratching at their skin the skin is going to get thicker to protect itself. Kind of makes sense, if you’re constantly digging at something then your skin needs to try to preserve its function which is to protect. It’s gonna get thicker and thicker so that the more and more you scratch, the less and less like you are to go down into the muscle and bone and cause real damage. So the first lesson of Prurigo Nodularis is to recognize that you’re picking and scratching. The next lesson is to see your local dermatologist as to why you’re picking and scratching. Our skin can itch from a number of different problems and most importantly we want to get to the root cause of it so we’re not just treating the symptoms and the cycle never ends. So please be honest with your local dermatologist that you’re picking and scratching. That’s number one. Number two, figure out why it’s happening. Number three, break the habit of picking and scratching while your dermatologist treats it.