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Upscale reception area, greeted by professionals who were enthusiastic about my visit and what they would do for me, guided to the procedures room by a most cordial lady where another vivacious pro told me of what was going to be done, all addressed me by name and introduced themselves by name. Very classy throughout. Confidence-inspiring Dr came in, told me what he was going to do, did it, and left with a smile. Nurse reviewed wound care details and escorted us out most cheerfully . Made me feel like I was the most important person in their world. Left feeling elevated.


Actual Patient

Dr. Anderson was personable, professional and thorough! After the examination he explained everything that had to be done, paused and allowed me time to ask questions. I would recommend Dr. Anderson and the Institute without reservations.


Actual Patient
Very respectful. Dr. Anderson and his team were attentive and caring. They listened and honored questions. Took time to hear all my concerns and even offered some advice and recommendations above and beyond my inquiries. I now live in NC, but while staying in Colorado Springs, CO for a couple of months, decided to schedule a routine appointment with him because he’s the best.


Actual Patient