Thought for the Day

Today I watched the game between the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs. It was an exciting game and what interested me the most was watching the Chiefs come back from a large deficit early in the game and emerge victorious.  As relates to this “Create Your Day” post, three things stood out. First, was the seemingly calm demeanor of the Chief’s coach as he watched what the other team was doing, what his team wasn’t doing, and you could see him analyzing and planning his next moves. As he later said, “It was just a matter of settling down, calming the storm”. Second was the Chief’s Quarterback on the sidelines as his team was down by 24 points yelling to his teammates that they needed to concentrate on one play at a time and not get rattled by early mistakes. Third was how quickly fortunes changed for both teams. 
At its best, sports is a metaphor for life and this game showcased that. When we are facing adversity and things just aren’t going the way we want them to, we can get rattled, lose our focus, get emotional, give the situation/other person power over us, and auger ourselves into the ground.  Or we can step back, analyze the situation and as calmly as we can figure out what to do to achieve what we want or make the situation better for us, and then go about doing that as methodically as we can. As life and sports show us over and over again, what counts is where you end up, not where you started and those that end up where they want are usually those that dug in, didn’t give up, and didn’t let the situation/other person knock them off track.   
Are you that person? The good news is that you can be.