Thought for the Day

I am on the Board of my neighborhood and just spent the last 15 minutes responding to a resident who was asking questions that were not assuming positive intent, were ignorant in content, and were rife with the smell of entitled arrogance. I answered the questions as professionally as possible even though what this gentlemen needs is a counselor and some self-love, not answers to nasty questions. 

It is easy to spew hatred but all that does is dig a hole deeper for your own life. 

The tide can rise all ships. If we help others live a great life and not judge them or hold them to a standard that we cannot hold ourselves, all of us get better, stronger, wiser, happier, … and our lives will be filled with more amazing moments than we can count. 

Presuming positive intent in others also allows us to presume positive intent in ourselves = instead of beating ourselves up for small, insignificant “mistakes” that are simply part of being human we can give ourselves grace for our not so perfect moments.