Hand Getting A Drop of Clear Lotion

Three Anti-Aging Treatments

Dermasweep:  This procedure “sweeps” the dead dry skin off your face, leaving your skin feeling so smooth. Having this procedure every 3-4 months stimulates collagen and adds vitamins deep into the skin’s cells. A really good exfoliating treatment!

IPL:  A light that uses heat to get rid of uneven pigment in the skin, can also be used for broken red veins on the face. Most patients need multiple treatments. Leaves skin with a more even tone.

CO2 Deka Dot Laser:  This treatment is for the patient that has had lots of sun damage resulting in pigment, lines and wrinkles, or has scarring from an accident or acne. This procedure is also known as skin resurfacing. It takes the top layer of skin off and excites the collagen beneath the skin. The collagen then rebuilds which “plumps up” areas such as lines and wrinkles, which fills in the lines and wrinkles making them less visible. By resurfacing the skin, imperfections and scars are lessened. The Deka Dot laser’s advanced technology is more precise than older technologies and significantly reduces discomfort and down time usually associated with previous generation CO2 Lasers.