Tips About Tattoo Removal

Video Transcript:

So here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

So, let’s say you have some regrets about your tattoo, and you want to get it removed. Well, the first tip is to please go to either a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, who has extensive experience in using the appropriate lasers to treat these. You know, lasers are not innocuous. They can cause harm if they’re used inappropriately. And sometimes even when they’re used appropriately, they can cause permanent scars. So, please, find a board-certified plastic surgeon or a board-certified dermatologist who has the right lasers.

These lasers are ridiculously expensive, and they keep coming out with better and better forms of them. Right now they have a laser that is so good at treating these, they say it only takes two or three treatments to get rid of the average tattoo. Now, I’m not sure that actually plays out in real life. But the point is, is to please talk to your local dermatologist about if they have the newer generation lasers for tattoos, and how experienced they are with using them, and then what you can expect for your skin.