Biopsy Procedure

Dermatologists take biopsies to help diagnose if you have a skin cancer or other problem.

After the biopsy is taken by your Dermatologist or other Provider, they are then sent to the lab and a report is usually generated within one to two weeks. It is important to have a conversation with your dermatologist about the diagnosis and the proposed next steps so that you are actively involved in your care. If you have a skin cancer, like a Basal Cell Cancer or a Squamous Cell Cancer, it is important to talk to your Dermatologist to determine the best skin cancer treatment options available to you.

Sometimes people ask us to just cut the area out and not do a biopsy first. While this is something that we occasionally do when we are very worried about the diagnosis, Dermatologists usually like to know what we are treating before we treat it so that we know how to treat it. A biopsy is the procedure that gives us this further information.

Please note, since the skin specimen is also being processed at a lab, there will be an additional charge from the lab.

Please keep the wound covered with Vaseline and a bandage until healed (usually in 1-2 weeks).

Your Colorado Springs Dermatologist is here to help you through the biopsy procedure and the interpretation of the diagnosis and treatment. Please ask us any and all questions so that you have. Thank you for allowing us to help you become comfortable in your skin.™