We asked our dermatology staff in Colorado Springs what it means to be “Comfortable in Your Skin.” Here’s what they said!

“We are more than the skin we are walking in! We recognize YOU the person; Your beauty, inside and out. We want to partner with you to HELP you feel comfortable in your beauty.”

“Helping you become comfortable in your skin” means that we are willing to help patients every step of the way when treating their skin condition, to relieve as many symptoms as possible. Our clinic taking the time to focus on not only their skin, but the patient as a whole. Listening to their history and the past treatments they’ve had, as well as understanding that as a patient these skin issues not only affect their bodies, but the world around them. The patient hearing this statement likely means they expect honesty with our treatments at all times.”

“Our patients come in for many different reasons. Some you can tell right away what the issue is, and for some it is not so obvious. The idea here is to make sure no matter how big or small the issue is, that the patient leaves feeling like we are at the very least trying to help, whether this is removing a cancer or sending them to plastics for repair, or doing Mohs, or taking the time to thoughtfully reconstruct an excision in a tattoo, or when a person comes in for acne and it’s what we consider mild, listening to their thoughts and concerns and treating them appropriately.

For example, when a parent comes in and is frantic about a mild case of acne, which does not appear that it will be scarring at this time unless the patient is picking, but the child does not seem concerned at all, we talk to the parents and help to educate them as well as the patient that this is not the scarring type as long as the patient does not pick. In this case it’s about helping the parent to not make the child feel uncomfortable.

It’s also about educating patients with severe acne that can scar and what can be done about it, using the medications available to help treat this so they can feel better about what they look like, and feel better about who they are. It is also about helping folks who have rashes from psoriasis, or people who have xerosis and are just not comfortable. These cases are not only about helping the appearance, but also helping people find relief.

It’s also about the young female patients who come in and want the moles on their faces removed, but we know this will likely scar and not make them happy. We tell them this, we discuss it. We always take the time to discuss the treatment options, and by doing so we allow for patients to have a say in their own medical care. We also make sure that if person is concerned about the way they look, and it stems from a place of unrealistic expectations, we address that. It’s helping them to understand that they are beautiful, and that we will do our best to help them match the outside to the inside.

It is about taking the time when someone is nervous or afraid to help them through the situation, and not make them feel like we are upset with them for holding up the schedule, but also being realistic and forthcoming in the causes and effects of whatever they have been diagnosed with.”

“Something I have come to appreciate (being on the other side of the medical team with Dad as of late) …finding common ground with patients. This goes so far in building trust and rapport with someone which in turn is to the patient’s benefit in the long run. They like us, feel comfortable with us, feel a relationship is formed. They will listen, follow treatment plans, even start to listen about the more sensitive things we talk about, like stopping smoking, etc.

My dad so appreciates doctors/PAs that joke with him, listen to his stories, even if he’s a bit off color. Just taking the time to build those relationships have made this year so much more bearable for all of us. One of the ways I feel we help people become more comfortable in their skin is by building these relationships… so important!”

“Helping you become comfortable In your skin …means we are trying to make the patient feel good about their outer shell. That with our guidance and knowledge we can help them with any problems that may arise, such as skin cancer, acne bumps or even moles that are not pleasant looking to the patient.

Patients really look for guidance and understanding of issues that they feel are overwhelming to them. Patients sometimes just need an affirmation that they are using great products/medications and that there is a place for them to go for any questions that they may have.”

“Helping you feel comfortable in your skin by providing excellent patient care, with a personal touch, to help patients feel confident and happy with what they see in the mirror. I feel most patients aren’t coming in knowing that a small lesion on their skin could totally change their lives, but it’s our job to assure them with the best possible care and treatment options that they can have a very normal life moving forward, one they can be happy and confident with!”

“Helping you become comfortable in your skin means that we look past the physical body and relate to the person on the inside with empathy, understanding and love.”

“The warm, caring smile. The extended handshake. The warm, loving personalities. The familiar faces. The loving, caring providers. The joy of knowing that the providers take a few extra minutes to get to know you personally. The extra steps and miles that is taken to go above and beyond. The short wait times. The strive to run on time. The laughs and giggles that make it a little easier to have a skin exam, SRT or a surgery or being seen for anything. The sense of security and knowing our patient is in good hands. The semi-funny jokes to lighten the tension.

When I think about our office compared to other offices, we are one of the best and we strive to be the best. I think about how people see us in public or even in the office, and all they talk about is how they referred someone they care about to us. It truly makes my heart happy the way people love Dr. Anderson and trust him the way they do. It also makes me proud to wear a logo that means so much to the community.

As a patient and an employee I have seen it both ways. It is harrowing to go to a doctor’s office and know there is a chance they will find another skin cancer after they have had a bunch removed. We strive to make the process in our office a little more easy or not as nerve racking. Taking a few extra minutes and listening to their stories helps them trust a little more. The warmth and passion of my job and my patients makes it a pleasure to come to work every day.”

  • Genuine Smile
  • Be Confident
  • Be Generous With the Compliments
  • Don’t Talk Too Fast
  • Have Open Body Language
  • Actually Listen to Them
  • Mirror Their Body Language
  • Make Them Feel at Ease
  • Use Humor
  • Always be Honest
  • Be Nice!

“Helping you become comfortable in your own skin does not mean achieving physical perfection. It’s helping you be confident with yourself. Whether that means a cosmetic procedure that helps you feel your best, or better yet, doing whatever we can to ensure your skin is healthy, making a healthier you. And when you not only look good, but also feel good, you will be most comfortable in your own skin!”

“To be able to own the skin you are in and feel good about it, whether that is wrinkles, blemishes, scaly lesions or simply the texture of the skin. It is being confident in your skin, the shell you carry and that you are proud of this shell that makes you an individual. Being comfortable in your skin to me is very important, as it can be debilitating if you are not. We here at CDI are dedicated to improve your comfort, whether by continuous patient education or with the multiple treatment options we offer. It ultimately means to be you inside and out, and that the skin surrounding you is somewhere you want to be!”

“Helping You Become Comfortable In Your Skin” has many meanings for our patients. It can mean physical appearances – for some patients it means fixing ‘imperfections’ in their skin (filler, Botox, etc), and for others it means clearing up acne. Both of these can boost their confidence and make them feel more comfortable in their skin. The statement can also mean making your skin comfortable – alleviating some of the irritations we experience. This applies (but is not limited to) patients with xerosis/dry skin, eczema, Lichen Simplex Chronicus or a rash caused by an allergic reaction.

Another example is hyperhidrosis, which can be treated with injections. Furthermore, we have patients who have family members or friends who have experienced cancer and are anxious about strange looking lesions on their body. The providers (and staff – within their scope of practice) can ease their mind by explaining what the lesion is, what causes it, etc. –OR– by taking a sample of the area and sending it out for analysis to confirm this diagnosis; in this instance we help them become comfortable in their skin by alleviating the worry, and supporting them in any way we can if there is anything that is malignant.

Lastly, we strive to see the patient as a person, not a number – we want the patient to feel welcome and comfortable, seeing them for the person they are, rather than their conditions, diseases, or other health issues. Some medical facilities run through as many patients as possible to be able to earn as much money as possible in one day, leaving the patients feeling rushed and uncared for. But at Colorado Dermatology Institute we want to respect the patient’s time, being both thorough and efficient, helping the patient in any way possible, while still maintaining a decent pace and seeing all patients within a timely matter. We do not look at our patients as a paycheck. Comfort in and of itself means a state of physical ease and freedom for pain, and we strive to help with all forms of pain, whether it’s psychological (self-esteem), physical (irritation, discomfort), emotional, or spiritual – we want to emphasize every aspect of ‘comfort’ with our mission of “Helping You Become Comfortable In Your Skin.”

“I think ‘feeling comfortable in your skin’ means a lot to the patients. When you’re comfortable in your skin, it allows you to walk around freely and not feel the need to cover something up such as a mole, acne, wrinkles, etc. It is easy to feel insecure because so many things can happen with your skin. You can get acne, rashes, moles, discoloration or pigmented moles, skin cancers, wrinkles, rough skin, etc.

With treatments here, patients can feel better about their own skin. When acne and rashes aren’t as red and irritated as before. When wrinkles are less noticeable. When skin cancers and moles are gone and your skin is missing that discoloration from before.

There are a lot of skin imperfections, but at CDI, the providers do the best to make sure each patient feels better when they walk out of here. Feeling comfortable in your skin so you do not have to cover up and feel insecure.”

“No matter your skin type or skin issues, you can achieve YOUR best skin and exude confidence within it. It also means being educated and proactive in keeping your skin healthy. There is an amazing peace of mind that comes with knowing that your skin concerns are fully addressed and that your skin is well cared for by our team. Looking your best and knowing that you are taking the initiative towards your own health leads to an outward confidence and inner peace, hence, comfort within your own skin.