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From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Colorado Springs Dermatologist Dr. Reagan Anderson

Video Transcript

So here’s another daily do from your local dermatologist!

All right CDNH, and we’re gonna put that up on the screen so that I don’t have to struggle through pronouncing it, but basically it is a part of the cartilage of your ear that through chronic sun damage and pressure and trauma has formed a little horn or a spike in it. So your cartilage, instead of being this nice, smooth structure that produces your ear, now it’s got a little horn that’s sticking up, and you know when you have a pebble in your shoe and you don’t really notice that the pebble is there until you start walking and then you feel that pressure. So most of the time you don’t notice these things on your ear until pressure goes on it, whether that’s your cell phone or whether that’s you sleeping on a pillow, but as soon as pressure is on it you feel that horn below and it hurts just like when you take a step and you have a pebble on your shoe. It hurts when you walk. Now these little horns of cartilage, if you will, that are underneath your skin. They happened from trauma or pressure over time and so when we try to treat them we are trying to treat something that was caused by trauma with trauma, i.e. cutting it out and it doesn’t always work. Sometimes these are buggers to get rid of. Please talk to your local dermatologist to what we can do because sometimes we can freeze them and try to kill the cartilage that way. Sometimes we can inject them with some steroids and try to deal with it that way. Sometimes we recommend a surgical excision and treat them that way, but please also help us by not putting pressure on your cartilage. So that one, this one doesn’t hurt and two, it doesn’t encourage it to get bigger and worse and three, you’re not forming more. So cell phones, keep them away from your ears. Pillows,

make sure that your pillow is not putting pressure on your ear when you sleep at night and a lot of people say come on Reagan I toss, I turn I don’t know how to keep pressure off my ear. Well good news! If you go on Amazon, you can actually get an ear protector and you just put it on to your ear at night when you sleep and that way when you’re rolling it always protects it, or you can get a hemorrhoid pillow, you know ones that have a hole in the center of it, put it in a pillowcase and then just sleep on that so that your ear is in the hole and not putting pressure on it. Please have a conversation with your local dermatologists first though, because sometimes these little horns, these little problematic areas, sometimes they’re not cartilage sticking up at all. They’re actually a cancer that’s developing. So first with all topics, make sure you have the right diagnosis from the professional and then we’ll figure out how to treat it.

Because Dermatologists treat more than just skin cancer!

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