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Razor Bumps

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Colorado Springs Dermatologist Dr. Reagan Anderson

Video transcript

So here’s another daily do from your friendly local dermatologist!

So years ago my beard went from here, it really went down to there and I exercise a ton, I always have, and what would happen is is I was exercising the skin would kind of rub as I was running or jogging or doing whatever I was doing and then I’d actually have bleeding that would happen right here on my neck and I’d get those little bumps right there on the neck as well and Its because the whiskers as they were poking out there acting like sandpaper and rubbing against each other and then when they were rubbing against each other sometimes the whisker wouldn’t go all the way through the skin it would get tough caught underneath and it would kind of curl under and create a bump and that’s razor bumps. So what I did is I had this whole area laser hair removed and it was brilliant because trust me going for a ran and looking down and you see blood trickling down your your neck because the sandpaper has gotten too bad, that wasn’t fun. Now if you’re looking at laser hair removal for this issue please go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable on what type of laser to use for your individual skin type because it does matter and you need to have somebody who has exhaustive experience and education and training so that you are safe. The other thing that you can do is don’t shave your whiskers too closely. So never go against the grain and never pull your skin down and go against the grain so that you can get a closer shave because when you’re pulling the skin down you’re pushing that hair up. And then when you’re going against the grain, you’re cutting it as absolutely close as possible. So when you’re done putting the tension on it and you shave, now that hair goes underneath the skin. Sometimes it makes it back through again and sometimes it gets twisted and creates a bump. So don’t go against the grain. Don’t do pulling your skin tight while you’re shaving. Remember to always shave at the end of a shower and use a good shave cream, but guys, please, the object is not to get so amazingly close so that It looks like you can’t grow whiskers. The object is to look professional, clean-cut, you get the idea. Don’t take it to the point of having problems with your skin.

Because dermatologists treat more that just skin cancer!

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