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Think of your fellow man…

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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A few weeks ago Angie and I went to dinner and had great service from our server Andrew. He was attentive, polite, smiled, listened, and when we asked for something he was quick to bring back whatever we needed. His section was very busy, however it did not take away from our dining experience.

After Andrew brought the bill to us, I asked if he would get his manager so I can speak with them. His smile quickly went away and he asked if there was something wrong. I told him no you were fantastic and I just wanted to let your manager know that you represented the restaurant very well. His smile quickly came back and within a few minutes his manager came over and asked how the service was and she said Andrew mentioned you wanted to speak to me and asked if there was something wrong.

Now when I asked to speak to the manager, both Andrew and his manager instantly asked if there was something wrong. In the service industry I know they hear a lot of complaints. The food was bad, the service was bad, the AC is blowing in my face, it is too cold or it is too hot, and the list goes on and on so they are conditioned when someone asks to speak to a manager that something must have gone wrong.

I told the manager, “I just wanted to let you know that Andrew did a great job tonight and made our dining experience fantastic. I wanted to let you know we appreciate this, and as a manager myself I hear more complaints than we do compliments so when I run across someone who has done a good job I want their managers to know, because again we hear more complaints than we do compliments.”

When was the last time you had a random act of kindness happen to you? Has someone gone above and beyond and did you take the time to recognize that? How did this make you feel? If we spread the kindness and love this world will be a much better place. Too often I get to hear complaints about this and that, and not just once, but several times to whoever will listen to the complaint. Why focus on the negativity? I never have understood this. Why not focus on all that is great and spread that message and tell that story ten times instead of telling the same story of what went wrong ten times to ten different people?

This weekend take the time to find something that went amazing and tell ten people that story and help spread kindness and love, and I promise you it will make this world a better place.

Have a great weekend! I know I will!

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